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  Coco's preempts (2)  
Laurentiu Ciuhu

Coco ’s preempts (2)

As I didn’t answer the question posted on Atomic’s site “last year”, I hope your expectations will be fulfilled reading this new article and discovering the answer at the “lead issue”.

So, at the time when my RHO (Right Hand Opponent) doubled, I was really angry with myself that I didn’t apply a correction (at the score itself and “in the soul of my dear partner”) by redoubling the last auction of the one I mentioned above. But, something lightened my thoughts and hearing different stories about Coco ’s preempts I imagined a hand in which my partner could have a Royal Flush led by Jack of Spade and nothing else more.

Returning at the lead issue, I really appreciate your promptly answers. 100% of the interviewed players told me that to double the 6 Sp contract could be the worst nightmare they might have in the case they won’t find the good lead. Just two players (and I will not mention them right now – sorry folks!), gave me the correct answer… which is “Jack of Diamond”…

Truly, I think is the last lead I might have… when regarding at my own hand. Everybody’s expectation is that dummy’s hand presents a good diamond suit having the well known fit in spade.

You may look below, in order to have a complete image of the auction and all 4 hands:

All vulnerable

2Sp – pas – 6Sp – pas

pas – dbl – all pass


A Q 2
A Q 9
A 9 7 2
A 7 4


K J 3
K 10 8 7 5
J 5
K J 3


6 4 3
K 8 5 3
10 9 8 6 5


10 9 7 6 5 4
J 2
Q 10 6
Q 2


As all of you are remarkable readers (better than the one who wrote this article!), it should be pointed out that my partner had lack of re-entries to his hand in order to gain my respect and the one of our opponents…

Anyhow, playing with Coco is very amusing and funny! So, don’t miss the opportunity!

Laurentiu CIUHU

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