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  Coco's preempts  
Laurentiu Ciuhu

Coco ’s preempts

Among a cascade of good Romanian players you find everyday of BBO, one of the most charismatic (and you may infirm this in case you know him better) person is Coco . Thus, not so long ago, I asked him to play in a match point tournament.

Everything is going well with Coco until he has a kind of distributional hand (when often could be 5-3-3-2) that serves to bid so called “ Coco ’s fashion preempts”. Discussing with common friends they related me about his manner of doing this and where nobody at the playing table knows what exactly could have in his hand. Therefore, knowing this I asked myself “What the hell…? Let’s play Coco “. And one of the first questions that crossed my mind was about the way I may react seeing one of those kinds of auctions I mentioned above.

We started really well the tournament and also the last part was a good one for our pair, but, as you may imagine, something appeared in the middle of the tournament. In the first position, all vulnerable, you saw your partner opened 2Sp and having a good hand I closed the bidding at 6 Sp. But this isn’t finished yet! Coco ’s LHO (Left Hand Opponent) doubled.... Just then I asked myself if that 2 Sp auction could be a real one or was Coco ’s stile. So I “really” dared about the safety of the contract!

But before telling you the last part of the story, I would like to ask you what is your lead (being the one that doubled 6Sp) on the auction I would like to mention again:

All vulnerable

2Sp – pas – 6Sp – pas
pas – dbl – all pass

Your lead now, please:

K J 3
K 10 8 7 5
J 5
K J 3

So till the next time I’ll remember to sniff you the end of the story, I would like to remind you is season’s gifts. Don’t forget to make presents (not like the one I humble told you) to yours dear beloved!!!

Best regards,
Laurentiu Ciuhu

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