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1 Major opening

Raise structure

Transfer to major Constr+, 3 trumps or 4 low ODR
After this, 2M wouldn’t go further, 3M blocking (INV with aces), and Major suit Game tries
2M Weak, ~3-8HCP, depending on VUL. Opener can employ Major suit Game tries with a big hand
2NT INV+, 4+M, see structure
3m 5+m, 4+M, INV, or SI which needs second FIT. SI makes a 4th level cue.
3♥/1♠ Same as 3m
3M PRE, depending on VUL.
4m, 3♠/1♥, 4♥/1S SPL, SI with no wastage
4M To play, mostly PRE, could be tactic

Constructive bidding

1NT Semiforcing, no fit, up to GI BAL, can be passed with BAL MIN
2C Game forcing, any distribution. Tends to deny fit, but could be a big hand with 3M
2♦/1♠ Constr+ 5+♥. 2♥ - negative, 2♠ 6♠ no fit, 3♥ INV, other NAT GF
2♠/1♥ 6♠, Constr/weak invite
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