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1!H/!S - 2!C Game forcing

We don’t play a very complicated structure. Everything is based on the 2♦ call which denies any special hand, and could be BAL MIN, or 5M/4m MIN. After this 2♥ is relay, check second column.

2♦ Normal hand, denies 4OM or 6M
2♥ NAT Relay
2♠ NAT, doesn’t promise extras 5M/5m, MIN
2NT NAT, 13-15 or 18-19 11-13 BAL
3♣/♦ 14+, 5-5 5-4, NAT
3♥/1♠ Same
3M NAT suit for max 1 loser, SI
3NT 16-17 BAL
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