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Roman Keycard Blackwood (RKCB)

RKCB is a 4NT bid that, unlike regular Blackwood, asks for “keycards” instead of Aces. There are always 5 keycards - the 4 Aces plus the King of the agreed trump suit. If no trump suit has been clearly agreed, the the King of the most recently bid suit is typically counted as the 5th keycard.

Responses to 4NT RKCB:

After the 5C and 5D responses, the 4NT bidder can bid the next step that is not a signoff in order to ask for the Queen of the agreed suit. Then:


A subsequent 5NT bid by the 4NT bidder (regardless of whether or not an ask for the Queen of the agreed suit has taken place) asks for specific Kings. The 5NT bid promises that all of the 5 keycards and the Queen of the agreed suit are accounted for. Then:

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